Our Mission

Absolutely You is not just a name, it’s our mission.


We design brows that are uniquely shaped to suit your unique face and make you look the most like you. For some, that is absolute symmetry, others prefer the unique character that their natural brow shape holds. We do brows of all shapes, thick or thin, arched or linier, we will give you your own personal “natural looking brow shape” and pattern. Some women prefer to come in with their brows penciled in as an example of what they want, others prefer to have us do the design and simply critique until it is what they want. Which approach you choose is totally up to you. We may make suggestions of what would compliment your natural features, but as stated in the name of our company, this is about you walking away from the experience feeling Absolutely You.​



*The "What You Need To Know" section is designed to try to answer all the questions you may have. However if you have any qestions we have not answered, please call us!*

Permanent Makeup By Martin brought to you by Absolutely You

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