Our Mission

Absolutely You is not just a name, it’s our mission.


We design brows that are uniquely shaped to suit your unique face and make you look the most like you. For some, that is absolute symmetry, others prefer the unique character that their natural brow shape holds. We do brows of all shapes, thick or thin, arched or linier, we will give you your own personal “natural looking brow shape” and pattern. Some women prefer to come in with their brows penciled in as an example of what they want, others prefer to have us do the design and simply critique until it is what they want. Which approach you choose is totally up to you. We may make suggestions of what would compliment your natural features, but as stated in the name of our company, this is about you walking away from the experience feeling Absolutely You.​



What You Need to Know

Are You Licensed?

Our facility is licensed, monitored and regularly random inspected by the Florida Health Department. We have never failed an inspection.

What Are Your Hours?

We are open by appointment only. This way we are able to offer more flexible hours to accommodate your scheduling needs. Therefore, you must call to make an appointment.

What Should I Expect When I Get There?

This changes slightly depending on the work you are having done. Eyebrows are the most involved. So I will give that as an example

  1. We start your file and have you fill out a couple brief forms as well as copy your identification, per state regulations.
  2. Regardless of if you have come in with your brows penciled how you want them already, we discuss and mark a more exact shape as a preliminary guideline.
  3. Then your picture is taken and analyzed on the computer to compare symmetry and find the exact look that is best for you. (No face is completely symmetrical and therefore some people prefer slight A symmetrical brows to compensate for this. The point is to come out with a planned shape that makes you feel the most like YOU.)
  4. After the desired shape is planned out, we apply our topical anesthetic and give that about 30 minutes to fully set in.
  5. Next, we start the actual application of your brows. Some people come looking simply for a bit of fill and in other cases, we are doing a complete reconstruction of the brows. The length of the procedure depends on what specifically you are having done, but you can expect somewhere between 30-40 minutes for new work.
  6. We recommend that you book a followup appointment Approximately 3 weeks after your procedure. In case there are any finishing touches you would like added. This is not a requirement but you do have the option of booking this appointment free of charge. You may book it before you leave the office or call in later to make it. If you do make it before you leave, we ask that you call us and cancel if you decide that you do not need it.

How Should I Prepare and What Should I Bring?

Preparation: - Consider your schedule. Healing takes approximately a week after work is done. We recommend you keep this in mind when you make your appointment. If you have an event coming up such as a pool party, you would not want to make your appointment for 2 days before the said event. - If you wear contacts we suggest wearing glasses that day or be prepared to be asked to remove your contacts prior to the procedure - If your doctor recommends you use antibiotics before going to the dentist then you should do the same before coming to us. Your health is important! Bring: - Driver's License, State ID or Passport - Cash or Check for payment (to keep the cost down for you, we do not accept credit at this time)

What Pigments Do You Use?

We use two brands of pigments Kolorsource Pigments. http://kolorsource.com/ Micro-Pigmentation Centre USA. http://www.micropigmentationcentreusa.com/ Colors: Martin mixes colors to match your completion, hair color, and your desires.

What Does It Feel Like?

We use a topical anesthetic to make your experience as pleasant as possible. We do give it approximately 30 minutes to take effect as part of the setup process. Some feel nothing but the pressure from the artist's hands, others feel a tickling sensation. We have had people who fall asleep during the procedure because they feel nothing and find the atmosphere conducive, but it all depends on how your body personally reacts to the anesthetic. It is because of this that we cannot guarantee a pain-free experience, however, we do strive for it and take great measures to make you as comfortable as possible.

What Do I Do and What Should I Expect After My Appointment?

Healing: The healing process is very simple. Your eyebrows and eyeliner should look great when you leave our shop. The area should heal completely in about a week the way it would from a mild abrasion. Treat the area with care during this time. You will get some peeling about 2-3 days after the application. You do not want to pick at the area or you may remove some of the pigment that has been placed (We do give a complimentary followup appointment just in case!) Aftercare:
You will be provided with topical ointment when you leave. You should gently wash the area and apply the ointment 2x per day. We suggest when you wake up and before bed as part of your daily routine for the full week of the healing process. After that, you are all set and can go about life as usual! Don'ts
- Do not use any exfoliating cleansers on the area while it heals
- Do not pick
- Do not swim or get the area dirty during the 1st 7 days
- Do not apply makeup to the pigmented area 1st 7 days Do's
- Book a follow-up appointment for 3 weeks after your initial work has been done.

What Are Your Prices?

Eyeliner $250 Eyebrows Powdered Look $250 Eyebrows Microblade $300 ***Prices include follow-up appointment and post-procedure skin care products.***​

HELP!!! I Had Work Done At Another Facility. Can You Fix It?

We do offer services to touch up or fix work you have had done somewhere else. The price of this depends on how much needs to be done. This is something we would have to discuss with you directly.

*The "What You Need To Know" section is designed to try to answer all the questions you may have. However if you have any qestions we have not answered, please call us!*


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